Even the light needs a special fixture.

We create it for you. NEXUS brand fixtures, directing light, give each space a unique character.

The NEXUS lighting fixtures brand is a unique combination of modern vision and creativity with the experience and a professional approach to the customer.

The NEXUS brand was created in response to the growing expectations of Kobi-Light investment clients.

We manufacture and operate in Poland. Using the best available solutions on the market, we create not only functional but also effective lighting. We work on proven and durable materials, using components from renowned companies. We control the quality of our services at every stage of preparing our offer.

We offer our clients not only proven products, but also modern solutions and excellent quality. We perceive the individual needs of each of our partners, try to get to know their desires and meet their expectations. We offer individual selection of technical and operational parameters. All the time we are trying to create a new, functional and effective lighting fixtures that will brighten up any project.

All NEXUS products are coveredby a 5-year warranty period.

There is no space that we can not illuminate. With NEXUS fixtures, you can illuminate not only industrial buildings (halls, warehouses, sports facilities), offices or streets. In our investment offer you will also find dedicated fixtures specially designed for bakeries, car workshops and stores. Lighting, however, is not everything, costs are also very important. We remember about this investment aspect – thanks to the use of high-efficiency (up to 140 lumens from 1 WAT) LED lighting fixtures we are able to provide a significant reduction in electricity bills. Thanks to this, the costs of replacement or purchase of LED lighting pays for itself in very short time (depending on the price of electricity and working time, it can be as low as 12 months). In contrast to traditional technologies, LED fixtures offered by us do not require the replacement of often-quick used light sources. Long life of the fixtures guarantees maintenance-free operation for many years.

Innovation is our priority, combined with the individualization of the offer. Thanks to the continuous work and development of the brand, we are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. We try to be close to them. We draw our knowledge from this cooperation: we analyze the needs of investors on an ongoing basis, taking into account their suggestions and opinions regarding our products. We are still looking for new solutions, thanks to which we improve products and introduce new ones, guaranteeing at the same time high quality of their performance. All the time we remain in close contact with our clients, because the design, research and production process takes place in Poland. Thanks to this, we adjust our work, based on real market needs. We respond more quickly and accurately to the changing trends of the lighting industry. By focusing on the maximum efficiency and reliability of our fixtures, we use components from renowned global brands for their production. All NEXUS products are covered by a five-year warranty period.